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Equipment Maintenance and Service

046Our certified technicians can maintain and repair most makes and models of furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps from top to bottom. From burners and heat exchangers to blowers and blower motors to condensers and compressors and beyond. We can clean and maintain your system from inside to out.

Yearly furnace inspections:

  1. Check for gas and co leaks using a certified detector.
  2. Lubricate the blower motor.
  3. Test the fan limit switch.
  4. Check blower wheel for trueness and build up.
  5. Clean existing air filters and check air flow.
  6. Check the exhaust flue for rust and obstructions.050
  7. Tighten all electrical connections.
  8. Measure voltage differences.
  9. Check flame baffle.
  10. Measure amperage draw.
  11. Measure temperature differences
  12. Check and adjust burners.
  13. Check heat exchangers for any deformities.
  14. Resurface thermocouples and flame sensors.
  15. Adjust thermostat calibration for proper operation.
  16. Check combustion air.
  17. Measure gas input.
  18. Recommend any follow-up service or repairs.

Furnace cleaning:

Every 2-3 years your furnace will need to be pulled apart and cleaned. Blowers and motors get a buildup of debris and will need to be cleaned. Burners and heat exchangers get a buildup of scale and rust that will need to be cleaned out to maintain high efficiency and long life. We will use our powerful cleaning equipment to get your furnace as close to as when it was new. A furnaces job is to create heat and send as much of that heat into your house and as little as possible up the exhaust flue. The dirtier your furnace the more of the heat generated goes up the flue instead of into your house.

Regular maintenance can help prevent furnace failure. Without a yearly inspection and proper filtration, a furnace system can wear itself out quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working. Regular maintenance makes your furnace run better and more efficiently while lasting longer. If a breakdown does occur our technicians can handle your problems in a speedy and cost effective manner. We carry in our vans most parts for all furnaces.