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Are you looking to have your furnace or air duct repaired or installed, so you can finally get the proper clean air circulation? Then find out some of the key factors you want to look for when having furnaces and air ducts repaired or installed. While you’re at it, you may even want to find out how to go about having them cleaned. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced or repaired your air ducts or furnace, then you might want to check out the city of Lynnwood coding requirements for air circulation to make sure your system is circulating air properly and providing your family or co-workers with an environment with the cleanest air possible. Chances are if you haven’t had them cleaned or replaced since 2009, then they might not be comparable to the current coding structures according to the Washington State Energy Code.

Maybe you’re looking to get a new furnace, but it might have been ten years or so since the last time you had to replace yours, so what are some of the beneficial elements that make a good furnace stand out? First off, it is important to choose the type of fuel that is most efficient for you. The fuel types of these are gas, oil and electricity, giving your home the greatest amount of efficiency in function and cost. The greater the amount of efficiency you have with your furnace, the better it is going to process fuel and energy. When determining the unit size that you need for your home or building is to determine the heating requirements and can be calculated by evaluating the area’s of each room’s size. It is important to remember that having a larger unit is only necessary if you need to heat the extra space, otherwise it is only going to cost you more money.

Once you select the right furnace, you want to select quality ducts that circulate clean air especially because if your ducts develop holes, then you will be losing even more money in heating costs. If you want to maximize the potential and heating efficiency of your ducts, then make sure that they are installed in an are that is heating to reduce heat loss. Make sure that all ducts are insulated if placed outside and be sure that they are sealed off with duct tape to prevent any leaks.

When selecting the proper high efficiency HVAC equipment and distribution systems, it is mandatory that they be installed indoors for commercial and residential buildings. 09‐140 – Chapter 9 – Additional Residential Energy Efficiency Requirements of the Washington State Energy Code also says that the greatest amount of exposed air duct space to the outdoors can be up to five percent and does not need to be tested for the current coding procedures if this option is chosen. Air sealing is followed by prescriptive ventilation system that can minimize the ventilation that is needed to improve the exhaust fan and efficiency.

If you are looking to install or repair a furnace for commercial purposes, and the system has a cooling capacity of less than 5,000 Btu/h, you should add ten percent of the equipment requirements listed in C403.2.3(1) of the Washington State Energy Code. For units with a cooling capacity of greater than 54,000 Btu/h, a minimum of five percent of equipment requirements should be added. It is required that 50 percent air economizer be ducted to every heating pump in the area, unless they happen to be 12 inches away from the main HVAC system and are connected to it securely. If the flow control for the total unit capacity is greater than 15 percent of the total unit capacity, then a variable frequency drive should be included with the installation of the primary loop.

Even if you are not planning on having your furnace or air ducts repaired or cleaned, it may actually be beneficial to the health and safety of your family or co-workers, whether you are in a commercial or residential building to support the health and air space of your everyday environment with clean and fresh air. If you develop any further questions about rules and restrictions for furnace and air duct installation, log on to for more details and feel free to contact your city representatives for permits of installing or even general questions about coding requirements.