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Redmond HVAC Systems

How long has it been since you’ve replaced or cleaned your furnace and air ducts? Studies say that it may be beneficial to replace your furnace if it is more than ten years old, if your system is producing drastically different temperatures in different rooms, or if you have excessive amounts of dust in your home due to a tear in your air ducts. If you need your furnace and air ducts to be replaced, the installers in your area will install them with the up to date coding requirements for the city of Redmond, but maybe you need them to be cleaned and it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that they still fit the same city coding.

You are probably wondering what qualities you need to be looking for in a new furnace and air duct system. Well you’re in luck because they’re listed right here. You want your furnace to last a long time, which is why it is important to look for a furnace that feature electronic ignitions to get rid of wasted heat from a pilot light and one that also features direct drive blowers to stop the belt’s wear and decrease the cost’s of energy bills. It may also be helpful to consider getting a multi-stage furnace so that you can save money on gas and energy bills as opposed to a single-stage furnace. The modern furnaces also include variable speed blowers, which will help even out the temperatures in each room, vent blockage detection to make sure that the system shuts down if waste gases are not evacuating your home and corrosion resistant heat exchangers to minimize the belt wear and deterioration. Modern day furnaces and air ducts are designed to make your heating system more efficient and cost effective to help you maximize the potential of your homes ventilation system.

Redmond has several important code requirements set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association that can be easily installed and cleaned, while making your home or building safer and more environmentally friendly. It is important to keep your air ducts in your heating and air conditioning systems clean to reduce the spreading of mold and other contaminants that can be extremely hazardous to one’s health when breathed in. Not only will having your air ducts clean create a safer environment, but it can also cut down on your costs and save you money or your company on your energy bills. The standards held by the NADCA for Bellevue will include analyzing both new and current HVAC systems for your air ducts, clarifying how clean the HVAC systems are, preventing the spread of hazardous contaminants, and making sure it meets the highest standards of cleanliness.

The regulations you want to take note of for furnaces and air duct systems in Redmond are to be aware of what capacity or amount you are trying to heat. Any electrical equipment with a cooling capacity of greater than 20,000 BTU/h is required to be a heat pump and must meet the requirements of Table C403.2.3(7) of the Washington State energy code requirements if the leaving fluid temperature is greater than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When required to include humidification equipment, an air economizer is mandatory to maintain minimum indoor humidity amounts. The humidifier can either be direct evaporative media or fog atomization type.

If you are looking to install or clean air ducts and furnaces in a residential building, the main system for each dwelling space shall include a minimum of one programmable thermostat to monitor the room’s temperature. The thermostat needs to call for at least a 5-2 programmable schedule for weekends and weekdays and be able to include two programmable setback time frames for each day. For each extra system in the dwelling units, an adjustable thermostat for monitoring the temperature must be included. Each thermostat must be able to be set by adjustment for the C403.2.4.8 Group R-2 and R-3 dwelling units. The main area conditioning system for C403.2.4.9 Group R-2 sleeping units needs to include a minimum of one thermostat to monitor the room’s temperature and must also call for a 5-2 programmable schedule for weekends and weekdays, while having two programmable setback time frames for each day.

Even if you are not looking to replace your furnaces and air ducts, it might not hurt to have them cleaned or at least looked at by a professional to determine if they still fit your city’s standards and regulations. If you have any other questions about the regulations for Redmond’s energy coding, log on to to learn more.